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AB Communicates is a unique Australian communications skills training consultancy, formed around the high level corporate management, media, communication and presentation skill set, expertise and experience of Andrew Buchanan. Keep reading →

About Andrew Buchanan

Andrew Buchanan has more than 25 years experience in broadcast programming, operations and management, including leadership of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s 58 station radio network as General Manager Local Radio and administration of the ABC’s International Development. He has special expertise in staff motivation and facilitating corporate change. Keep reading →


My involvement in public speaking began the day Wotif.com was launched and progressed with the normal hiccups for a year or two before I gained confidence and became effective in speaking at conferences and large meetings. TV and live radio were quite a problem for me which I struggled with until I received training from Andrew Buchanan. Andrew’s tips made all the difference and my confidence levels grew to the point where I now enjoy TV and radio interviews as much as I enjoy presenting to a live audience. I would thoroughly recommend Andrew’s advice to anyone who fears the microphone pointed in their direction.
Graeme Wood, CEO, Wotif.com, August 2007 Keep reading →

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