AB Communicates

AB Communicates

AB Communicates is a unique consultancy, formed around the high level corporate management, media, communication and presentation skill set, expertise and experience of Andrew Buchanan.

AB Communicates provides intensive and purpose-specific training at the levels of:

  • one-to-one
  • small teams, and
  • large groups

An extensive and varied base of corporate, government, community-based and individual clients provides testament to the power of high level training, and verifies that AB Communicates provides unparalleled excellence in its services.

Each engagement requires its own analysis. AB Communicates undertakes extensive research to deliver the services best suited to each individual client.

AB Communicates practises what it preaches. As well as providing training and mentoring, principal Andrew Buchanan and his team are available as keynote speakers, meeting and event facilitators and specialist narration and voice over experts.

AB Communicates specialises in providing individual and group mentoring services to achieve outstanding results.