Voice-overs & Narration

Voice-overs & Narration

Andrew Buchanan possesses one of the most recognisable voices in Australia.

Even if you do not recognise the name, it is almost certain that you will have heard his voice in some context since he first took to the airwaves as a 17 year old radio announcer in Mudgee, NSW.

As well as developing into one of Australia’s senior broadcasters, Andrew has contributed his confident, articulate, charming and erudite voice to many narration jobs for radio, television and video over the ensuing years.

Developing such highly specialised voice skills does not come by accident, and Andrew has worked hard to understand and hone his craft over the years, allowing his natural warmth to shine through and imbue even the most difficult narration tasks with qualities that make audiences want to listen.

As well as continuing to provide specific voice over and narration services on a commercial basis, Andrew – through his communications consultancy AB Communicates – passes on his great skills through specialised training in all aspects of voice control.